SILVERBACK is a premium, intense spitless smokeless tobacco product, but what does that really mean? The real question is how is it different from other traditional smokeless tobacco products like the traditional dip product you are used to? Forget what you know about dip…this is different!

First, SILVERBACK is crafted with a blend of distinct, select Rustica tobacco leaves and mixed with water and food-grade texturing ingredients to develop a blend consistency that is easy to shape and that sits comfortably and consistently in the upper lip.  Rustica tobacco is naturally stronger than the Common tobaccos used for most, if not all, traditional dips out there, and what ultimately delivers SILVERBACK unrivaled intense tobacco satisfaction.

When you open your first can of SILVERBACK, it isn’t what most expect it to look like. Smokeless tobacco conjures an image of strands of finely chopped tobacco that you take a pinch of and place in your lower lip. SILVERBACK, on the other hand, looks like a compacted paste. It is slightly grainy to the touch and if you are wondering how best to use it, you aren’t alone.

Instead of taking a pinch, with Silverback you take the can lid and use the edge to get a little scoop going since it’s thicker. With the small scoop resting in the lid now, the easiest way to get an optimal ball of SILVERBACK going is to press the tobacco against the lid lip wall and start compressing it into a small ball. When it starts to shape and feels more compact / solid, you can pinch it and lift it up and continue to shape it to your desired size.  We recommend no more than a pea-sized ball to start. Also, we have a few different strengths, so consult our page here for more info on what may be best for you!

Placing the ball in your upper lip is the spot to place it as the salivary glands aren’t present up top and will provide you that ideal intense spitless tobacco experience.  No more gutting, no more spitting, and no more distractions.

Again, forget what you know about dip.  SILVERBACK is a totally different kind of tobacco dip.  It differs from other smokeless products because it’s stronger, spitless and has a compacted fine blend of naturally stronger Rustica tobaccos. It’s definitely intense, spitless and discreet, so if you are looking for a refined smokeless premium tobacco experience with an intense kick, then grab a can of SILVERBACK today!

WARNING: Smokeless tobacco is addictive.